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That said however there are some truths about dating Irish men that tend to apply which we will look at here.

Some Common Features and Preferences of Irish Men The first thing you will notice dating Irish men is there speech patterns and accent.

Irish men tend to talk incredibly quickly and with a very thick accent.

Their voice is charming and attractive to many women, but it can sometimes be a bit difficult to understand and their family in Ireland if they have any is only going to be a lot harder to understand.

This might for instance mean no sex before marriage depending on how devout they are (though most modern Irish men will not adhere to this rule) and might mean attending church. They also often use expletives in everyday language more than most of the West and this can be initially shocking, though it is part of their charm once you get used to it.

Again it is important to stress that while this is true of many Irish men, you should judge people as individuals and not by their national identity and you will find that the experience is just as varied as it is dating men from your own country.

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