Wiki double your dating

Ted apologizes for his blunder and both ponder what would have happened had they got together.Lily tells Marshall she's fine with him thinking about other women, at least as long as she's alive in the fantasy.After going to the exact same restaurant and exchanging the same dialogue, including a pun that Jen describes as "really bad", Ted and Jen realize they are repeating their blind date from seven years ago.They remember that the date was horrible, from Ted's snobbish behavior to Jen's obsession with her cats and her ex-boyfriend.

He makes Marshall tell Lily about his death fantasies that he uses to justify thinking about other women.

He has also consulted Derren Brown on this because he knows all the secrets of the human skin.

The antichrist couldn't afford the DVD 'Inside Your Skin' however, and Brown has said that he doesn't "give a shite" about De Angelo.

Ted has a blind date, and discovers its the same date he was on seven years ago.

They retrace their steps from their first date to see where they went wrong.

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