Warning updating the currently checked out branch

Insubordination is the refusal by an employee to obey a lawful and reasonable instruction from his superior.Tip: If an employee is both insubordinate and insolent, the allegations forming the basis of his disciplinary hearing to be convened must include two charges, i.e. This will strengthen your case, should you wish to dismiss the employee.

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It’s clearly different from other jargon filled, technical products on the market.The Court found that the employer, instead of retrenching Mr Manyaka, could have trained him for the higher level computer operator post.The Court therefore reinstated the employee with back pay and granted costs against the employer (Manyaka vs Van de Wetering Engineering 1997 11 BLLR 1458).Before he was retrenched the employer hired another employee into a new computer operator post, but at a higher level.You don’t have to pay an employee for sick leave if the period of absence is longer than two consecutive days, or if he has been absent on more than two occasions during an eight-week period, unless he gives you a valid medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.

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