Updating the assembly version

The point is, this is a resource, but it is not authoritative.If you have business-critical decisions to make that hinge on the definitions here, I suggest you get a second, independent, opinion.Because the Enterprise and Resource tiers are generally co-located with a high-bandwidth, low-latency connection between them, this architecture is preferred for WANs or any time when there is a high latency between the client and the resource tiers.

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The documentation on this Codeplex site is now legacy. This has been requested by several contributors amongst other things to facilitate pull requests.

A workspace object used to collect related objects together.

Folders in Teamcenter are similar to folders in Microsoft Windows with one key difference, objects may belong to multiple Teamcenter folders.

In order to display a compound property there hast to be chain of relationships between the two objects.

A software company which was acquired by UGS and which produced the IDEAS CAD application, which was merged into NX, and the Metaphase PLM application, which was renamed Teamcenter Enterprise and then merged into Teamcenter.

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