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By Blair This was originally written for the Disciplinary Wives Club: My mother introduced me to this sight, and it has helped me a lot in my relationship with my fiance Tony.

I am in my early 20’s, and we had been engaged for four months with everything going wonderful — he is a gentlemen, as my Dad is. But I knew that before we got married I was going to have to talk to him about spanking him when he is bad or mean to me. He paid the bills and decided what kind of car to buy and did all the yardwork.

I went and pulled out the little chair at the dressing table he had bought for me, and I sat on it in the middle of the room.“Do you mean being late from work?

” he asked, and he started to explain why he had to be late, but I interrupted and asked him what excuse he had for not calling.

At the party I was very cool to him, talking with my girlfriends and even some other guys.

And what she spanked me for was letting my brothers run wild while I was babysiting them!

We knew that she spanked my Dad, though she never did it in front of us.

We got to his house and it was late and what we usually would do is go to bed.

I would go in the bathroom and change into something sexy, and he would strip and get under the covers.

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