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See: Christian Forum is a part of Jeffin Ministries, a Pentecostal group.

Topics include: Bible studies, Christianity vs the rest, prayer requests, friendly debates, etc.

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See: Fundamental Top 500 maintains a list of links to Fundamentalist Christian web site. Their frequently engage in economic boycotts, attacks on new religious movements, and attacks on equal rights for homosexuals.See: Christian Coalition of America is an organization promoting conservative Christian legislation.At the last national election, they distributed a record 70 million voter guides throughout all 50 states promoting Republican candidates.They are at The Christian Communication Network helps anti-abortion, pro-life, anti-gay, and pro-heterosexual-family groups communicate their message to the media.See: Christian Forums provides discussion groups on such subjects as prayer requests, creation science, end times, bible prophecy, and other topics of primary interest to conservative Christians.

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