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The dimensions are 1110mm wide x 520mm deep x 1270mm high to top of music rest, 1080mm high to top board. There are three notes that are not working bottom F on the Flute, and also lower F and middle B on the Diapason/Dulciana stop. There is a polish stain on the top at the left hand end. Offers in region of 30 - proceeds to Missionary Aviation Fellowship Please contact James.Single keyboard pump organ - made by Mason & Hamlin Organ Company.The pedals are easy to use and it has a pleasing range of voices including the quite rare and desirable Harp Aeoliane in the bass.There are 12 stops:- Bass Coupler; Flute 4; Diapason 8; Dulciana 8; Harp Aeoliane 2; Blank-disc missing, could be Forte; Vox Humana; Forte; Dulciana 8; Diapason 8; Vox Jubilate 8; Treble Coupler.Stops (left to right): Bass Coupler, Dulcet, Diapason, Hautboy, Principal, Vox Humana, Flute, Violina, Melodia, Echo, Coupler. It looks and sounds goodand as far as I can tell, everything works. Although it has foot pedals,it is powered by a working electric fan in a wooden enclosure which is connected by a flexible 4 inch diameter hose to the organ.Originally it would have hadcandlestands attached beyond each end of the keyboard, which are missing. It is large and heavy: 77 inches high x 47 wide x 23 deep: Alexandre Harmonium dated c.1865 but has presentation plaque dated 1872Stop list: Forte 3 et 4; Forte; 4 Basson; 3 Clairon; 2 Bourdon; 1 Percussion ou Cor Anglais; Grand jeu; Expression; 1 Percussion ou Flute; 2 Clarinette; 3 Fifre; 4 Hautbois; 5 Musette; Celeste; Forte; Forte 3 et 4. A working but rather battered harmonium that I hope will give another family as much fun as it has given us. The harmonium came from New York and has the date 1860 inside.

Organ is good unrestored condition and in good working order having been in the family for many years.

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"I bought it many years ago with a view to bringing it to pristine condition but never had the time. Attractive Victorian organ made by the Sterling Company, Conn, USA in the 1880s I think stamped number W. 11 stops, knee swells, treadles, with 25 black and 36 white notes.

It is functional and plays reasonably well."Stops: Top row (Swell) Principal 4, ? Stops are: Bass Coupler, Dulcet, Diapason, Hautboy, Principal, Vox Humana, Flute, Violina, Melodia, Echo, Coupler Height 78 inches, width 52 (with candlestick stands), depth 23 inches. Has been in the family 40 years or more, and is in very good condition.

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